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- Nelson Mandela

Monday, October 30, 2017

Building Consent issued

For those that haven't read my earlier posts, I CAD up a new major renovation project for my house, submitted insulation resistances, light and ventilation calcs, weather tightness drawings plumbing & drainage drawings to name a few. I remember back in the 70's when my dad did great drawing for a shed, the finished lean to didn't look anything like the drawings - dreams are free, timber & bricks aren't.
Anyway, having consent has increased the excitement for my wife, who has had me view a dozen different show rooms this weekend looking at tiles, taps, showers and all the other nick nacks. Her new revised estimate only has us $2K short - lets hope I can save a bit on the build.

Did I mention that yet again, while I was in Australia, my house had another plumbing failure - always happens when I'm in Australia. This time it was underground and I had to open a few walls to bypass the leak. I'm planning to re-do the dry wall (gib board in NZ) as I need better water proofing during the renovations, so the new holes can wait a bit.

All this stress means I need to get out more - well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
Please excuse the top, it was free, so why not enjoy it

Did I mention my kids had a party, that finished at 3 am and left me picking up about 60 tins and bottles off the garden.
Can you tell I only had 3 hours sleep?
Luckily their empties only 1/2 filled my recycling bin as I remember a 21st that overflowed the bin.

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