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What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Always on the go, no time left.

Got up early (I always do, it's a habit caused by my Monday to Friday job)

8.30 Coffee at a McDonalds in Penrose.
It was a bit sad to find a youngish (late teen) who appeared to be drugged up trying to sleep in the shop. Staff had trouble moving him on - why can't they just be crazy like me instead of consuming crap.

9 am and I'm at the "Trade Depot" shop buying a shower for my new bathroom.
Also picked up some electrical cable, junction boxes and a tap for the toilet.
With me returning an item for a refund, I ended up at the service desk for over 30 minutes, but at these prices I don't mind waiting a bit, the bathroom will probably end up 25% below budget.
(Yesterday I assisted the drain layer in running the new sewer pipes, piles of fun but it was stinky work)
While the sales staff were really cool, the dispatch girl was great fun.
As my name appears on the account, guess about 13 people who were in the area know my real name when she called me back to the counter to tell me about the back order parts.

The vast time I spent at the shop, made me late for a visit with my girlfriend and with the pressure of needing to return to the shop with a bigger vehicle meant I only had about an hour to visit. I was a bit sad about that, as it's nice relaxing with her and she's so interesting.
One day I hope to have time to start up our brunch outings again.

I returned later to the shop in my big work wagon and my wife.
The dispatch girl was shocked seeing me in male mode, she probably associated my name with a cross dresser, so to see a hot, charming male instead, made her jump.
After picking up the large and heavy shower glass, wife and I were having coffee at a local spot on the way home, when a transformer blew up next door, so we stayed to watch the firemen and women attending the fire.

Back home and I plumbed in an external tap that I had fitted 2 years ago, but I've been waiting on an excuse to open the ceiling to install 8 meters of pipe - the new bathroom gave me the excuse so now I have a hose near where we park our cars. Funny how some plans take years.

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