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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Bugger - should have been a girls day out

Wife's car failed it's safety check, left hand rear wheel bearing noisy (ya so, not like it can't do another 50,000km before it reaches critical failure). But no, not a warning to repair, as in New Zealand, it is illegal to have on the road except when driving to the mechanics to repair (my car had 1 of 5 tail lights faulty, the fact I have three more than everyone else doesn't count).
Anyway the new wheel bearing took 2 weeks to arrive in the country (yes we got a fine for using a car with a noisy wheel bearing in that time). Yesterday, following advise from supplier bought a 32mm socket, but found it to big.

Saturday - coffee then shopping for a 29mm socket

Nope, they don't make a 29mm so 30mm it is.

On the way home, with one piece swimmers, past by the pool and got cold feet when I saw all the wee kiddies heading in for their 8.30 am swim, plus I wanted wife's car fixed.

Got changed in to rough clothes, wheel off, bearing partially removed but outer casing does not want to leave the hub, and I don't have anything to machine it out. 3 hours of beating, drilling, grinding and I didn't even scratch the outer casing

Luckily "Pick a Part" has the same car being wrecked, so went there, removed the wheel hub & bearing, got home, slipped it on the car, raced down to the vehicle inspectors and got it certified (total time 1 hour 15 minutes)

Hands are cracked & full of grease, jaws sore from grinding teeth in frustration,
I really need some girl time!

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