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It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Out of control

Out of control is how I feel with this Transgender stuff, or Gender Fluid, or on our government papers Gender Diverse or what ever you want to call it.

So I've been swimming in girl mode
Left the pools in girl mode


Been going to work - under dressed (pretty floral bra under my work shirt).
It feels like every moment I'm thinking in girl mode, wanting to be a girl.

To keep me semi-grounded in man-land, the wind caused some fence damage and I have to complete a fill and place a cement pad for my shed. I'm also building some deck furniture, so with all these projects I will need a bigger shed to hold all my power tools.

I'm a bit upset about NZ car Warrant Of Fitness rules, apparently even a minor defect such as 1 tail light faulty (I have 4, which is 2 more than most car), that means my car is "unsafe" and "likely to cause an accident" (even with 3 tail lights still working). If the driver behind can't see 3 tail lights, I doubt they will see the fourth light, but my car must be taken off the road until it gets a new bulb. Sure the rules say it can be driven home safely, or to a light bulb shop safely, but anywhere else (work, mates house, shops etc) is "dangerous" and thus illegal.
Unsafe my arse, car WOF testers aren't even mechanics, let alone engineers
I'm unsure if my visit to the movies to see "Terminator" really helped man me up, although I'm a big fan of Arnie, especially as him and all the other tough guys have aged in to excellent actors.
Unfortunately the 30+ women having wine sitting next to me before the movie, all went in to see Magic Mike, and I was the only female(?) watching Terminator.

All the ladies gone to the chic flick, except me
Photo for you, from the ladies room, better lighting

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Tia C.D. said...

looking good Rachel.. and i get the same feelings now and again too..