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It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I'm a regular at the pools now, 3 times this week

So I walk through the door at my local pools at 5.30 am
Get a lovely greeting and passed an arm band that allows me to also use the spa and sauna.
Morning are time limited due to work, but I did 500 meters (20 lengths), spa and steam, before returning home to cuddle my still sleeping wife.
Her wake up time is 6.45 am, wish I could sleep in that late.
Wife's old Speedo swimsuit is very good quality but sits high on my hips and puts pressure inside my legs. I'm sure this slows the blood to my legs, making swimming more work.
My one piece sits as high as normal men's Speedo pants is so much more comfortable, makes doing lengths easy, but I do have to wear a bra.
Looking at the one piece swimsuits at the pool shop, the lady asks if I would like to try some on, there is a pretty floral backless in my colour that I REALLY NEED, but the $70 price tag scares me off. She is a chatty woman and I'm enjoying the banter.

Wanted to dress pretty and go to the Cheap Tuesday movies to see "Terminator"
Wife & daughter wanted to join me BUT.... watch "Man Up"
So I maned-up, and saw "Man Up" with them
I got so emotional over it, anyone might think I was a girl.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel, Swimming I can't believe it, so confident. Anyway Anneke has not had an outing for some time but my partner is away for a few days next week so I should be able to get her out. I might even brave the light of day if I am happy with the way I look. Thanks again for the blog. Will have to get a private email one day and bore you with my story. Anneke.