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- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Finally told my oldest daughter

On Oldest Daughter (miss 23)
If your reading this my darling wife, everything is fine at home and miss 23 has had plenty of support from the other girls.
Well after a week of walking around the house in tights and girl tops she asks why I'm so into those clothes. I tell her the truth (miss 18 tells me after wards, that she knew I would while mum was away).  The next day she had a conversation about my sexuality with Miss 18, who also told the truth and re-enforced my suggestion that we only talk about it inside the family. So this weekend has been great although rules are no make up, no skirts, no wigs allowed to be worn inside the house when miss 23 is around for a few weeks.
Sunday and another 10 minute make over, finally found eye liner & decided to do a formal evening look even though it's pre-dawn. 
Red heavily rubberized tights and flowing black top - Miss 17's top, miss 18 owns the grey version and I was advised I needed to by the Burgundy if I wanted to share tops with them. Even got my hair tied back so I can have my morning coffee without my hair in it.
Unfortunately after my coffee and reading the paper, my nose started running (hay fever my doctor says and the only cure is to move to Australia). So by 7 am I have fantastic make up everywhere except under my nose, where the facial hair is still dark and has yet to grey like my chin hairs. Life is so unfair.
After morning coffee, my wife messaged me she wanted to Skype me in 20 minutes. I went to my very local supermarket for bread and a few other items, had a lovely quick chat to one of the regular checkout girls about the horrible automatic checkouts. 
A quick change in my car and got home in time to Skype my wife. 
She is having lots of fun spoiling all the children and babies of the extended family, I wish I was there with her but in the mean time I'm spoiling all our young adults.
Life is much more fun as you get older.

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Tia C.D. said...

That's good to hear miss 23 hasn't flipped out and is talking to you and your other young ladies to find out more.