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What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Conversation with wife and daughter yesterday, after conversation about a CD we saw earlier at the mall
Daughter "Rachel likes dressing in tight shiny clothes and fishnets like a whore, so I want her to be a pretty whore"

Today I'm trying to live up to that, spent a whole 10 minutes on makeup, including brushing on my foundation - Bugger - Just realized I forgot mascara as wife has borrowed it and didn't return it.
Anyway, I figured I would go out to be a conversation piece. It's 7 am at the busiest McDonalds in Auckland, my corset is shiny as is my skirt and I used baby oil on my legs before the fishnets went on to get some shine on my legs.

Getting the photo for you was difficult, inconsiderate people kept trying to hog the counter, but finally had a 10 second people free opportunity.

So now everyone sees a "pretty whore" (I hope) working on her laptop, whereas all the other people are wearing Autumn clothes - tights and cardigans so I reckon it will be to cold soon to wear so little.

Yesterday also, friends came over and their Miss 17 asks "have you had your eyebrows done?" I said excitedly, "Yes - finally some one has noticed after 3 days of nobody noticing" and we had a lovely discussion about eyebrows while wife was going on in her standard damage control mode about my dislike for hair. These same friends have previously commented on my "lovely nails" so I guess if they can add up, they probably have me marked as a cross dresser.

After a quick outfit change in the car and a delay before the museum opens, I had another coffee in town, finished reading my book and even fitted in a walk around the Auckland Winter Gardens


10 am and the museum opens, time to check out the Air New Zealand 75th anniversary exhibition. I really enjoyed the 3D visual show they put on, but the headset/goggles was a concern, I thought my wig would come off with them.
On another note, I knew missing out on mascara was an issue - I got "Sir'd" 3 times at the museum - maybe if I had kept the skirt, it might have been more of a clue.

Thank you Mr flight attendant for operating the camera, at last a decent photo

I was chatting to a couple with West Coast USA accents while waiting to get on the flight deck, lovely couple and I was answering all his questions on the aircraft controls once he was inside, as the exhibition attendant had never flown a 4 engine aircraft and didn't know what bits do what. 
I hope I made their NZ experience just a bit more interesting and fun. 
Sign me up for International Relations when the job come up :)

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