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What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Monday, June 1, 2015

Post Einstein Web seminar

I would like to thank Auckland University for holding this Web Seminar based on Einsteins theory of relativity, which was broadcast from New York. While most of the discussion was on Black Holes, Hawkins radiation, measuring gravitational waves (yes we have several testing facilities on this planet for this), a small part touched on String theory.
My lovely wife, explained she understood about 3% and found it very interesting but would prefer a biology subject next time.
One of the problems I have with science, every answer creates 3 more questions, and creates an unscratchable itch.

One thing that doesn't create an unscratchable itch, is dressing up, even if it's just at home, or dropping off Miss 17 at her friends, going to the gas station and then picking up Miss 12 from her mum, as I did this evening.

I know it's a rough look, very little make up to hide the old man look, but it was enough to re-center and re-balance my personality issues - ie remove the fuzzy edginess of depression after a few days of very hard, manly labour around the house, which destroyed my lawn mower and my 1300W hammer drill and I won't mention how close I came to throwing the chain saw in a fit of frustration.
But the tasks were finished last night with me, a couple of beers and my wife sitting around the fire pit.

2 hours dressed, was... trying to think of a word to describe it for you.... not "heavenly"... not "grounding" while both words are good description, as is "de-stressing" and "unwinding" but all these descriptors are shallow by their comparison with how I feel now.

Monday - Queens Birthday Weekend.
Today we celebrate the Queens Birthday, okay it isn't her birthday, but she does have one, and so we celebrate it during the English summer, which in turns means a day off work.

Today the normal Monday 6 am alarm went off, as the Ipad didn't know it was a holiday, so no sleep in for me - thanks Apple.
So while the rest of the household sleeps, I've enough time to grab a coffee and read the newspaper at a coffee shop in the local shopping mall.
Again, make up is at a minimum (spent 3 minutes applying), not caring that everyone will know that I live in a male body.
What I really wanted to do, is show you my pretty blue & pink floral pants that I bought in Split, Croatia last year. I've been dying to show them to you, but this is my first public outing in them beyond my front lawn.
While they are nice and tight the way I like my pants, the front bumps would inform anyone (if the blue beard didn't) that that I am in fact a very happy cross dresser.

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