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- Nelson Mandela

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Finally a couple of hours of girl time

Don't tell the wife, but I went for a swim.

But before I tell you about how water proof my foundation is, I had fun with a new Lamborghini today.
I mean, I love my Swift, with it's 1.5 ltr engine, so imagine my surprise when I'm in pole position at the motorway lights with a heavy footed Lambo driver. I knew things would go fast once the lights turned green, so I slipped the Swift into manual mode and waited.
The lights went green, and the Swift went super swiftly to red line, chopped through the gears, G-forces pushing me hard,
I really did expect to lose the little drag, so no surprises as the Lamborghini tail lights raced past me - we have a top speed limit of 100Km/h, he got there a couple of seconds faster before we both ended up behind a police car.

Always a boy at heart.

This evening, after getting changed in to girl mode, bit of shopping at the grocery store, I hit the pools, to help tone my body and increase my muscle mass, get my triangle shape back that I had a few years ago.

So this is how I looked while swimming (obviously the life guard was not a glamour photographer in her previous life)

 And this is what I thought I looked like

I will say in my defence that a) I was so happy with my look I swam and extra 250 meters
                                           b) having boobs adds a lot of drag.

But it just goes to show, with quite a bit of imagination, what a bald, middle aged man can look like (after being Photo Shopped).

After my strenuous swim, without adding any more make up, I stopped off at KFC for a small $5 meal before heading home to wife & kids to relax in front of the TV.
I hope your having a great week


Anonymous said...

Hi There

Did you swim with breast forms and if you did what kind?


Rachel said...

Hi Charlene,
I used a hi-boost push up bra and an additional latex booster from the bra shop to give about a B cup look.
Next time probably use my home made latex C cups in a lace bra, just to be a little bit bigger