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It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Not normally a mid week poster but.....

Yesterday a very unusually event happened to me (no I did not see the meteor shower over my house last night, but very relative experience). Like the meteors, I too was subjected to Earths gravity, but where they "bounced off" the atmosphere, my experience was more of a "bounced on" steps at home.

So it's time for a sick day from work, and when not at work, it's girl time.
But with a busted shoulder and back, I still needed to see my local physio (there are 3 working next door to a local gym). So I go, have my movement checked out, get instructions of exercises followed by a deep tissue massage, which is just sooo relaxing.

The bruising around my spine is the dark area just above my skirt (okay, some is also hair as I forgot to shave that section recently)

My Physio was at 12 noon, so my day started off a bit differently.

Firstly dressed pretty, which is difficult with a busted shoulder combined with having to get to bra straps, then I have to ask the kids if I may use my makeup.

Once the kids had gone to school, I drove past Physio, saw how busy they were and continued to my mechanics to have my 6 monthly vehicle safety check.

My car passed without issues, so I returned to physio and the lovely lady advised me she has an opening at 12.
This worked out perfectly as I still had to go to the shopping centre and pay my road tax. It also gave me the opportunity to browse the mall. Of the items I tried on, I fell in love with a deep blue dress which had a skater skirt and a lace neck line. It felt so wonderful on, but that's another $50 I didn't have.
I also had a coffee at the mall and by then it was time for my 12 pm physio appointment.

I was a little uncomfortable with a woman I've never meet before un-hooking my bra, but she did a great job on my damaged areas.

After getting dressed, wife phoned and asked how it all went, then chatted about dinner menu, so I had to stop at the shop on the way home. Please note how I only got enough to carry in my left arm.
I should have bought a sling for my right arm, it aches BAD.

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