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- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Wife got a replacement car

So January 1st, Miss 17 wrote off the family Mazda Demio (our city runner).
Thursday we managed to find a replacement, a 2007 Nissan Tiida.

It's new to this country and I'm doing quite well at decoding the Japanese Radio/tv/2 camera/DVD & 30 Gb hard drive audio system. I manager to put a FM Band Expander on, although with 3 coax cables my first attempt I spliced into one of the car cameras, but second attempt got the aerial and all is good.

If anyone can help with changing the time on this Sanyo NVA-HD7707, I would appreciate an email, also cool if you had any ideas on how to add & delete music and movies from the hard drive.
Today I had to remove the front grill and swap the wires on the horn, as someone had the 12 connected to the ground and fuse was blown - but all good now.

So I took the wife's car for a wee drive.
First I went to the Auckland Maritime Museum, only to find the local parking was $12 minimum (only had to leave before 6am the next morning, but I was only planning on being an hour, 2 max), so I ended up just relaxing at a local coffee shop with free parking.
Besides, while it's overcast, being inside an air conditioned mall is much nicer than sweating into ones wig. With the wife's city car, I did notice that getting changed in it was more difficult than in my 8 seater wagon, but since it only used 1/2 the petrol I will learn to live with it :)

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