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- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, August 9, 2015

to much weekend work

Saturday - I'm on project number 2 & 3 (creating cement pad for shed & fixing spa pool), wife is designing project number 9 and says I should work quicker.
The pad needs 3/4 cubic meters of builders mix, had to do a bit of manual handling and while I have borrowed a trailer, she suggested I reload it fully with our compost and take it to the rubbish tip.

Sunday - One of the hardest parts about project No. 3 is lifting the spa out of it's hole in the deck single handed and moving it on to the deck to work on. Between my Jedi talents and engineering skills I managed to complete the lift in 15 minutes. Between the hourly rain, during the sunny patches, I managed to sand down the decorative wood around the spa and add new stain & oil, remove and dismantle the spa pump, cleaned away lots of calcium from inside the stator and reassemble it while adding two extra seals to prevent water getting back in to the motor.
Hopefully in another 2 weeks it will look and perform like a new spa.

So what does this have to do with cross dressing?
Absolutely nothing, and I'm really upset my whole weekend passed without even an hour of feeling pretty.

I hope your weekend was more relaxing


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Rhonda Darling said...


I share your frustration of not getting enough girl time because chores get in the way. I do my best to do the shopping, including Home Depot (hardware, lumber, building supplies, etc.) in Rhonda mode. Doesn't work when Shar wants to go along, as she worries someone will recognize her, then figure me out. C'est la vie.

On a more practical note, how on earth do you soften the calcium inside a motor/impeller assembly so that you can get it cleaned out?

Best regards,