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It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Was going crazy, but out today to de-stress

Restless night, I haven't had decent girl time for what seems like forever, and it's screwing with my sleep and my attitude so today, it's time to get quality "out" time.

I've 3 girls at home, plus another 2, sleeping somewhere down stairs. Better than Friday night when there were more kids crashed in my den. So it's 6 am and I've been awake for a hour (not including 3 am, 1.30 am and 00.30 am wake periods) and I have to sneak around in my girls clothes. It seems so undignified sneaking around my own home and out to the car, something I'm normally proud and happy to do in front of the neighbours.
As you know, I'm not big on make up, my face is what it is, but since I wanted to wear fishnet stay up stockings, skater skirt and corset, I decided to spend 15 minutes on make up, looking for that tarty hooker look. Sitting at a coffee shop, relaxing, checking I shaved under my arms. Dam - forgot perfume and wallet with my money card, glad I have a note or two in my purse, hopefully enough to purchase essential stuff for the house before I go home.

I'm really enjoying, sitting, relaxing having coffee, feeling my hair caressing my back. Where my skin is between my stocking tops and my short skirt, is somewhat stuck to the vinyl seat, had to un-peel myself each time I go to the counter. The socks that boost and fill out my corseted breasts are annoying and I find I'm rechecking my corset to ensure I don't have a "costume failure" as it slips lower and lower on my body.

A quick top change, to pink bra and see through lace top, removed the fishnets and it's almost time to hit the shopping malls. On the way to the mall, my hay fever kicked in, it's been a few months now since the last attack and I doubt any make of foundation can survive such a bout of sneezing and nose running. Still it's 10 minutes to 9, and the shops I need will open after I finish another morning drink (English breakfast tea) and Columbus Coffee in the mall. Pretty woman in skin jeans and boots sitting in front of me, young shop assistant, size 14 in a size 10 dress 2 tables over, mid 20's scruffy tough lads sitting by the counter, another 11 people relaxing, no one really caring about my looks or what I wear.
time for SHOPPING, see you later   :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel, Anneke again. Long time. I have been able to play again as my partner is away. I have been shopping ,as a man, for a new dress at Farmers and it looks great. Went for a little walk last evening. Hope to do so tonight also. It has been really fun. No idea how long the next playtime will be. Been experimenting with my makeup. Unlike you I take around an hour. Watching you tube and reading up. I think it looks OK. Keep posting. Anneke

Rachel said...

Good n you Anneke,
I'm just don't have patience (otherwise I would have been a doctor), that's why 10 minutes on make up would drive me insane........ well more insane anyway.
I often see nice things at Farmers, I just have trouble as I have short arms and deep pockets, so reaching for money is not one of my strong points.