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What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Thursday, July 26, 2012

In the closet?

Sometimes in life, the closet is a good place to be.

I was married to a woman I loved and coming out would have ruined the marriage. We grew older together and grew further away over 18 years and it ended on it's own accord.

While only my mum knew (as mums do), I started leaving the closet about 8 years ago now, by having a cup of tea at McDonalds at 6 am, finishing at about 6.10 am before any other customers started arriving.
I was not a good dresser, but he staff got to know me and just treated me as a regular female customer. Within 8 months my early morning tea became breakfast and was taking 1 hour, or turning up after the evening rush for a late dinner. I always checked in the windows to ensure it wasn't to crowded before getting out the car.

My current wife knew about Rachel soon after we first met, before we got serious. Her attitude to Rachel is great so I was happy as our relationship developed in to what we have now.
I'm finding a lot of males my age suffering with depression, bi-polar, computer gaming addictions and other mental issues.
Rachel calms me in times of stress, so in that way I use her as much as she uses me.

My wife reminds me that there is a lot worse than having a hour or 2 of girl time and the plus side is instead of spending money on games or booze etc, I buy nice modern clothes that are often shared.

If your with a good woman, test the waters - maybe a fancy dress party where you ask your wife if you can dress as a female witch or ask if you can wear stocking or tights because you heard they are good at keeping legs warm.

Do not substitute a good relationship, for a few hours of dress up per week

Went to Supre a hour before closing tonight and didn't have time to change so I went as a good looking 40+ year old male, tried on 5 tights and bought 2. There were quite a few other women in the changing rooms all trying on trendy tights. Wished I had time to dress up.
The staff there were wearing the Stars and Stripes tights which looked nice on them but not so much on me.
When miss 14 year old saw me in my new tights, while I had told her they were mine but I will share them, she insisted they should stay in her room. I'm actually jealous of how nicely shaped she is compared to my skinny behind.



Anonymous said...

Yes in the closet. I'm fully dresses typing this now. My partner does not know. Luckily I work from home so have time to change into Anneke. I am plucking up courage to go out during the day. You quite inspire me. Just maybe a drive round. Went out the other morning and had a walk just after dawn in a very quiet area. Maybe I'll go today. Thanks for the site.

Rachel said...

Thanks Anneke and congradulations,
I also tend to get around in the mornings when there are less teenages about, hence my morning coffee or morning shopping, the light is also better if your thinking of taking up photography. My afternoons and evenings tend to require man time.

While I like to encourage those who can SAFELY get out to do so, for all the others (90% of cross dressers) I would hope these pages can be useful in bringing up the discussion with their partners