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What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, February 12, 2012

meet another fab t-girl

Saturday 11th, I'd arranged to meet up with another t-girl earlier in the week (this is for me new and ground breaking, wife expressed concern about some girls being gay, although she knows I've turn down gay guys before and was supportive)
As I'm early up, I went out for my McDonald coffee using my freebie on their loyalty card, wearing daughters high hip mini skirt, and a lace top black bra - After a week trapped in manly-ness I needed to be seen, did a big of grocery shopping to pass the time.

After a quick change in to something more casual, I popped into the Columbus Coffee shop 10 minutes before she was to arrive and 2 minutes before a whole lot of mums with sporting daughters turned up - not sure what club sports they were, but one poor mum had a 6 year old tag along, and was trying to find out what sort of drink she wanted. I've also got a hard to please girl at home, so I had a bit of a laugh, and so did her mum at the end, it's nice to share the joy of children.

Within a little while, the lass I had arranged to meet turned up (slim, hot with pretty eyes). After ordering breakfast we sat and had about 20 minutes girlie chat, mostly about makeup etc but the something unexpected happened.

One of the greatest things I respect in life, is brains.
My male self runs a few Mega Watts in the old grey matter in maths, but this pretty wee lass brain runs Giga Watts. My male self wanted to grab a white board and start boot strapping. For my male self, it was like chatting to Einstein - and always wanting to ask "What If.... "

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,

thank you for the fantastic compliments. It was absolutely fabulous talking to you. It's really great to sit down and talk to someone about so many different and varied topics! I'm really glad you enjoyed yourself too. Next time we meet for a coffee and a chat I'll make sure that I don't have to run off for work!