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It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Last outing for my holidays

It's 7.30 am and I'm 20 minutes through my first coffee of the morning, again at McDonalds "McCafe" sitting next to 2 families in for an early breakfast.
I woke an hour ago feeling rather slutty - and who hasn't had one of those days, yes you... I know you have have always wanted to be a bit of a tart and so this is is how I do it. With extra thick eye liner and my normal 3 minute make up session, I squeezed in to my corset, shiny tight top, micro mini skirt that just passes my vag & arse but to be more presentable and not show of my hairy legs or undies, I slid into thin black leggings.

So what am I doing out this morning, with overcast skys and a light drizzle. Well I'm waiting until the electrical hobby shop opens as I need ideas on how to quickly connect a 12 volt 7 amp hour battery up, without using spade connectors. 
I will be getting changed in to my tight purple top and tight shiny pants as I expect more families up and about by then and I also don't want to distract the staff at the electrical shop, to much.

8.40 am and already changed in to more respectable clothes and having second coffee. I'm relaxing at Columbus Coffee in Sylvia Park shopping mall so if any of you girls ever want to meet up for a chat and do a bit of shopping after 9, let me know. I've got so many clothes that I don't need to spend up for a few more years.
BTW I stopped for gas, I know how you American girls like to "stop for gas" when your dressed pretty, but I actually needed gas as the warning light has been on for a while now. My 16 year old got her restricted drivers license, which means my access to her VW convertable car has now gone, thinking about it, so has she. I taught her so well she passed first attempt yesterday and she has only been home long enough to eat a pie and pack an overnight bag. I love her to be free to explore the world, but missing her already, parenting has it's heartaches.
Wife is still encouraging me to have a girls weekend out of town. I've no idea where I would like to visit although Hamilton is close, maybe an of evening fine dinning and a picnic lunch the next day at the lake or botanic gardens. So if there are any girls within 200 kms who would like to hang out, let me know.
I had lunch yesterday with my oldest daughter who doesn't "know" and isn't allowed to know about my girl side, except all this week I've got French manicured finger nails and she would need to be blind to miss them. It was funny though as she commented on how wife and I looked like grandparents with our glasses on - one day sweetheart, I would love to be - just not yet please.

9 am and bored, sitting here, you over there, coffee shop very busy now, but still only you to talk to.
I hope your having a great and fun weekend

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