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- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Building work causing injury

A while back (Feb 2015) I fell off a 2 foot stool on to internal steps and busted my shoulder.
I had lots of physio

Well all this hammering, working over my head, painting ceilings & walls etc has re-damaged my shoulder such that at around 4 am, I get pins and needles down my right arm and while some mornings I can get back to sleep, other mornings I just end up staying awake.

So I sneak out of the house as the others won't be awake for some time, especially at weekends.


So far I've tried swimming and some shoulder exercises at the gym to no effect.

This weekend was a 4.30 am wake up, managed to stay in bed for another hour before throwing on my daughters top and skimpy black shorts (stockings to hide my hairy legs) and going for coffee.

Around 7 am I popped in to the grocery shop for supplies as we were having guests around this afternoon.

8 am was the opening time for Mitre 10 hardware - I needed a heated towel rail so I can size and re-enforce my new wall in such a way the rail was screwed in to wood instead of dry wall.

Spent the rest of the morning chatting to wife, helping her gardening, second run on plastering the new bedroom (should have done 3 runs on plastering to get it perfect), primer/sealed paint and 1 coat of colour to the bedroom, then removing my blue nail polish before guests arrived.

Miss 18 borrowed one of my strapless tops yesterday, happily telling wife and I what a great asset she found in my girl draws (she is sleeping in my study while I'm rebuilding her bedroom). I told her I don't own any strapless tops. Tonight in my pile of washing that the wife nicely took to my bedroom was my "strapless top" aka an above the knee tight skirt.
Think I might try it as a top as it did look good on her.

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