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- Nelson Mandela

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Long weekend Alone

What every girl wants, time to dress up and relax however she wants

Friday 11am, dropped wife and Miss 19 off at the airport, got home by 12 noon and put on my sports 3/4 leggings, push up bra, green top, nail polish and walked the dog around the neighbourhood. Once I got back, I changed into women's skinny jeans, went to the mall for a couple of hours and got my eyebrows waxed.

Miss 14 and I spent the evening knocking down a built in wardrobe (coke, pizza, sledge hammer and a wrecking bar - so much fun), then at 8 pm she had to go to her birth mothers house for the weekend.

Saturday -
Dressed and makeup on by 8 am, taking extra care with the makeup- including eyeliner for once as I will be wearing it all day. By 10 am I had already had my McDonalds coffee, with one of the staff commenting on "haven't seen you for a while, the usual?" (it used to be a weekly event but I've been checking out other coffee shops in the area) and I had also been to Bunnings warehouse and picked up a sheet of dry wall, paint, screws.

I also had to queue up to see the local Justice of the Peace so he could witness me signing a legal statutory declaration and he also needed to see a legal form of identification -ie drivers license.
The afternoon I spent, still dressed pretty but with a paper overalls on, fitting the drywall where the wardrobe used to be and also painted my bedroom.
Walked the dog again.

7 pm and I had to swap back to male mode - for a fancy dress party (wife had already specified I had to be a MALE sailor - yuk, I mean there was a pretty female sailor at the party, I would have loved to sailed home with her, although swapping outfits was out of the question as hers was figure hugging even though she didn't make 5 foot 1)

Visited Botanical gardens and walked the dog. Spent the first 20 minutes with another couple walking their 2 little dogs, just chatting and getting our dog leads tangled. Of course the dog waited until we were outside the busy cafe before he wanted to poop, luckily I managed to move him out off sight before shit happened.


Being alone, meant I was bored when not working at home (waiting for plaster or paint to dry), which meant time for another coffee out and then Subway for an early dinner.

I was planning to wear something "sexy" Sunday evening just before picking up my daughter again from a local church that she and her mum go to, but with a public holiday tomorrow, lots of young lads were out and about, so a quick "in-car" change of clothes before picking her up.

Revisited the idea of trying a "sexy" image, and had a 6am coffee, but looking at the photos I realized I was a generation out.
How's that you ask, easy, everything I'm wearing is from modern young women's shops, add that to the fact I was inspired by what the sales women were wearing, in a public shops during normal trading hours. So apart from the fishnets (which some girl do wear), and my age, and my actual gender, really not much different than the sales girls - okay they actually make the outfit look good.


Funny thing is, last night I was so OVER this being a girl thing.
2 days and I had pretty much gotten fed up with cross dressing, but being in my own bed after repainting the room meant I had a good night sleep.

So refreshed and ready to take on the world, I went for morning coffee in lace bra, mesh t-shirt, slinky skirt and fishnets. The amazing thing is wearing this, it feels like being vulnerable and at the same time as totally free as I've ever felt.

At 7 am, I decided to get some supplies from the supermarket on the way home (bread, milk, cat food etc), but decided to wear decent pants so as not to upset anyone
 - I'm nice like that,  always thinking of other peoples feelings   :)

Nearly finished my extra long weekend and the painting to complete my wife-free holiday
Meet 2 new neighbours, got a few groceries for the girls return and a coffee to help me relax.


This weekend has been so much fun, and hopefully enough so I don't need girl time for a while - ya right!  It's going to be great having my wife back, been missing her every evening.

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