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It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, March 5, 2017


Friday - finally got to do a 600 meter swim, good to be exercising again, hopefully lose a bit of belly mass, went so fast my boobs ended up by my waist - ie not age related sag.

So last night (9 pm) watching The Huntsman with my youngest daughter, when behind me I hear "drip, drip, drip".
My first reaction - "Not Again", but it was.

That bloody useless black water pipe, that was released on to our market for only 2 years before being withdrawn, was leaking again.
I managed a quick fix from my spares, but decided to remove all the black pipe from the ceiling so I needed to get to Bunnings this morning.

As my wife doesn't like Rachel around when visitors sleep over, I got up early, used Miss 18 foundation (she left it here when we took her to Otargo University a few weekends ago) which is lighter than mine and got to McDonalds for 7 am for my coffee fix and newspaper read. McDonalds Ellerslie had lots of customers when I walked in, including a roading gang of about 8, but everyone was really cool about me being there.

8 am and I figure an evening pub /party dress is not really appropriate for at the grocery shop or Bunnings, so a quick car change to get breakfast and plumbing parts.

New World buying breakfast food for visitors
At Bunnings
This is the outfit I wanted to wear for you when I was in Queenstown, but wife was happy wearing the skirt and gave me her new (charity shop find) blue skirt instead.
The nice thing about skirts like this is, assuming you don't cross dress for sexual reasons, underwear is not required, and your man parts get the correct cooling, undies being a signicant factor in male infertility.

I phoned the wife and asked if it was safe for Rachel to come home - she said yes, the others were still sleeping. Once home I was instructed to remove my make up and get changed then do the repairs to the pipes. Once done I spoke to wife about removing the last of the black water pipes so I had to revisit Bunnings
Another car change but there wasn't any make up in the car. 
Had another coffee before picking up some female pipe couplings. 
Comfortable even without make up

A big thing for cross dressers seems to be if they get addressed as Miss, Mrs or madam, it gives us a warm fuzzy (not that I really care), but I was pleasantly surprised as I only ever got addressed today in the female manner.

With this work finished, I've only another 50 meters of that horrible black pipe left, which I will deal with next time I have to de-construct the walls.

Maybe this time, when I replace the drywall ceiling, it will stay dry for many years.

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