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What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Co Consciousness

My 23 year old daughter used the phrase when I told her how my brain works.
Apparently she learn it at Uni doing a psychology paper as part of her teaching degree.

Google gave me...

Research by Paul Dell has found that most multiples have subjective awareness more often than not while their others are out - this is called “co-consciousness”. 

Each alter has his or her own style and his or her own likes and dislikes. Alters also vary in age.
Different alters also have different needs
From http://www.healthyplace.com/blogs/dissociativeliving/2015/10/forming-relationships-with-alters-in-dissociative-identity-disorder/


Interestingly, this is the first time I've read anything close to how life is for me.

Having a "medical label" for my condition other than crossdresser, tranny, crazy, is kinda cool, 
I can just imagine a conversation at the pub.......
Mike "I've a 8 inch pistol"
me "I've a 9 inch canon and co-consciousness"
Mike will be thinking either I'm intelligent and scientific, or his beer glass needs a refill.

Well my plan for this morning, was to dress up with plenty of lace, dark eyeliner, dark wig and head out for coffee and spend a few hours of visiting the art gallery or similar.
My daughter turned up last night unexpectedly and wanted a cameraman for her school project this morning and dark eyeliner will probably make me look older so instead....
Quickly throwing Thin Lizzy concealer on (no other make up)....

I had a coffee, snack and read the national news paper across the road from a blood testing lab, waiting for some of the 20 people to have their tests. 

When I finished at the cafe and meandered to the lab, there was still 20 people waiting on the seats. 
Times like this, when my first and last name is called out in front of so many people, I wish there was a way I could officially have a different name as I was ushered in to "room 1".
As a blood donor, having a blood sample is no worse than scratching the parsley off your front teeth after a meal.

My take on the elections in the USA
Yes we have been bombarded with the news, mostly negative but think on this.
1) Your democracy, is the model the rest of the world wishes we had
2) What makes America great, is the American people and that hasn't changed.
3) You have had bad presidents before, and still done well.
So if you stick together as one people in one nation, doing your bit for your country, you will do well.

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