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What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Movie Night again

Cheap Tuesdays, $8.50 for the movies, found about 50 women and 5 guys lined up for Magic Mike movie, so a quick rest stop in the ladies and a makeup check, then back in the ticket que. I was going to see Batman, but the girl in me wanted to see that Robert Patterson movie, even though the fun girls were going to Magic Mike - I wish now that I had joined them.

I do like the black skirt, and loved the girls checking me out, even had compliments on my lace top which is 15 years old now (no mention of my cool as tights, which are a few days old).

Decided that Wednesday would be more time to show off, so at 9.30pm stopped at a busy McDonalds for a late coffee. I was not really in girl mode, I just wanted to show you  my tights properly. Wife reckons they are to busy and I should stick to plainer dark colours

Got a fun weekend lined up, I've been asked to assist in the office for Saturday morning to finish a project, then will probably spend the afternoon and Sunday rebuilding my fence in the rain after 16 meters of it fell over in the early hours of last Monday. Actually surprised the 6 fot high wooden fence has lasted this long, just wish it has chosen a dryer time of year to fall over.


Saturday fence repairs, now every part of my body is sore.
Just realised I'm not used to actual physical work anymore.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel, Anneke again. Batman was good eh? I've been out in the car early again today. Forgot to put our rubbish out yesterday so was driving around looking for refuse on the verge. Stopped at the local mall and walked around the car park. Not yet got the courage to go inside. Stopped on the way home and had a walk up and down the road. Plenty of traffic. Building up to the mall. Thanks for being there.

Rachel said...

Hi Anneke,
Sorry temporarily lost my man-ness and went to a chick movie.
Malls are a difficult starting point, not like a small coffee shop miles from home. I find one of my biggest joys is interacting with people even if it is just over the counter - Had fun with the McDonald girls as I was taking the photo, she probably went home with an interesting story.