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- Nelson Mandela

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Business-ish trip (aka 2 days of girl time)

The chance of a trip away is like winning Lotto, extending it to include a weekend is like Lotto "Power Ball"
Just wish I had a decent camera

My trip was to the top of the South Island - absolutely stunning mountain ranges, fjords, cafes and pubs.
For me, getting there was half the fun and my wife allowed me to dress pretty and even dropped me at the airport on her way to work.


First stop, the stunning town of Picton in the Queen Charlotte sounds, where our Inter Island ferry stops. I found a bar that served my favorite food - Date pudding


I visited the town of Nelson.
I used to visit here often as a teenager (they had a girls boarding school back then, made the trip worth while).
Today was just a coffee stop at McDonalds - as usual, followed by a visit to the cathedral where 4 priests were being ordained. I really just wanted photos of the architecture but stayed for the ceremony.


Of course I had to try on a pair of boots like my daughter thought would look nice, then another and another.

35 minutes later and still not finding anything I like I decided to leave the shop and head to Founders Museum.

Found some stunning old style corsets that they make and sell on site, what type of cross dresser doesn't fancy a lovely, tight corset?

 I had to play at the old dentist shop

And like all good museum - there's a train ride (sorry, not steam, but an early diesel)

Latter that evening, I got dressed for a lovely dinner in Blenheim ( the wine capital of New Zealand)  "The Good Home" bar and restaurant where I had a fantastic Yorkshire pudding, a traditional English main course.

The next morning, I was saddened when I had to say goodbye to the fabulous couple I was staying with but not before having a fun shopping trip and a relaxing coffee with them.
They have a lovely home and a fantastic garden and made me feel like one of the family.
Every evening and mornings we chatted, all the while with me wearing my floral pyjama pants, bra and top.


I've a hundred more photos of the trip, these are a few of the better ones.

Just a fantastic trip and I wish you were here to share it (and some of the wine tasting) with me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel, Looks like you had a great time. You are sooooo confident. But I suppose you have been doing this for some time. My partner is away for a few days next week so I should be able to let Anneke have a play again. It has been quite some time, looking forward to it. Thanks Anneke.

Anonymous said...

Well partner is away and My car has had to go into the garage so I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go. Plus the weather is terrible. Maybe it will calm down this evening and I may get out for a walk. Never mind at least I can have a good long time as Anneke.

Anonymous said...

You have some balls I will give you that