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What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Friday, April 7, 2017

Birthday week

Been around the sun 52 times now (can I get of the ride now?)
Birthday went like:-
     Wake up at 6.15 & made wife her regular morning coffee
     Did 8 hours for the boss
     Made a special birthday roast dinner for 8, along with my special cheese cake dessert.
     Walked the dog
     Did the dishes (those that didn't fit in the dish washer)
     10 pm - relaxed for 15 minutes before showering and going to bed.
     11.45 pm - get up and start clearing up the flood waters in the basement/TV room

It's been quite a good week (except for my basement flooding during the rains, keeping me awake with scoop and bucket to keep the water levels down during the night, but hopefully that's over with for a few years now or at least until I can install drains and a sump pump).

Friday- I wasted 2 hours trying to buy a part from the stores division of my company, where they repeatedly didn't "see" my purchase order and after 2 hours it turns out that they stopped dealing with that supplier hence the order not making through their system. If only they had told someone that they had stopped dealing with that supplier I would have known to go direct to the supplier.

Only thing for such an annoying Friday  - go out and have a few glasses of wine, but first a quick visit to the vets to pay a bit more of the dogs operation off.
I'm not sure if the staff even noticed how I was dressed, sure they have seen me in leggings and sports tops but never fully made up before.

Nothing quite as relaxing as sitting on the outside seating of a busy pub, in a busy main street suburban shopping district, having a few glasses of wine, with the warm sun on my bare legs.
 - okay, lets not comment on the hairy eyebrows, something I need to sort out soon :)

Back in to swimming, I made it to the 1,000 meter mark although the fact I've stopped using breast forms has probably speed me up. One day I'm going to buy a nicer one piece swim suit like the women in the "fast lane" at the pools.

One of the ladies there in the "fast lane" has the perfect body shape - I'm so jealous, although being gender fluid means I'll also be happy with a good masculine body shape and it's probably easier than having her shape.

Apart from that, it's just been the regular coffee stops

I hope your week was as interesting as mine

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